I Want To Sell All My Clothes – General Musings

Do you ever get those days when you just want to remove everything from your wardrobe and start over? I feel like I am getting this feeling a lot recently. I think it is partly because only in the past year have I begun to understand my personal style. In my early 20s I was very bland in my clothing choices, usually opting for some sort of striped top with skinny jeans or a ’60s style babydoll dress but usually in grey or black. Now in my late 20s I realise I want to inject more personality. I like experimenting with colour now and I care less about what others think.

One year I didn’t buy any new clothes at all – I’m not sure how I managed it. But when I stopped this challenge I got into a frenzy, buying anything that caught my fancy. Looking at my wardrobe now I have so many things I need to sell on eBay or donate. I do try and get rid of things fairly often but it still manages to build up.


I feel like I promote too much fast fashion on this blog and I think I will try to cut it down. Looking through Vestiaire Collective recently I thought how much I’d like to buy second hand designer clothing. There were always pieces from past collections that I loved and it would be amazing to get to wear them now. The prices are quite reasonable too. For example I’d prefer to spend £80 on a past season Miu Miu jacket than say the same on something from Topshop.

Another option would be buying from charity/thift shops but altering it. I see DIY tutorials recreating trending styles like two shirts cut in half and sewn together. It makes me want to create my own unique pieces in a way I hadn’t considered before.

I will probably start listing some eBay items soon and really downsize everything. I feel this way about interior items in my apartment too. I have too much stuff that I don’t care enough about. It would be great to streamline my belongings and just own things I truly love.


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