Spring Transition Style Ideas

Living in England Spring can still be a relatively cold season, apart from this small heatwave we’ve had the past few days. This will often impact on my styling ideas for this time of the year. So many times I’ll be exited to buy t-shirts after months of wearing thick jumpers and thermal layers. This year I’m trying to be more sensible with my purchases because my ideas will change by the time Summer comes around.

These are my main influences on my Spring wardrobe. Only since having a blog have I thought of outlining what I want to wear and buy for the upcoming months. I feel like this is a great way of planning purchases and not wasting money buying impulse buys that don’t actually fit with the aesthetic I want.


From the pictures above I can outline quite a few styles I like. Longer dresses in light often floral material. A-Line skirts and longer ones in satin or silk. Wide legged or straight trousers with high waist bands. Vinyl and patent leather before it gets too hot. What changes are you making to your wardrobe for Spring?


Floral Dress £69.99
Tropical Vans £49.99
Rose Print Trainers £25.99
Small Black Bag £17.99
Black High Waist Trousers £29.99
Black Old Skool Vans £54.99
Satin Shirt £49.99
Pleated Trousers £35.99
Black A-Line Skirt £19.99
Blue Floral Dress £39.99


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