Fashion & Clothing Mistakes – General Musings

I thought I would share with you some fashion related errors I find myself coming across all year round. Do you have the same problems or any of your own? Let me know in the comments.

Impulse Online Purchases

The feeling of really wanting an item of clothing often takes over me. I’m getting better at resisting the impulsive feeling of just clicking and buying it right there and then. What changed me was the idea of getting it on sale. I started using Shoptagr as I saw people recommending it in various Youtube videos and it’s actually really great. You just pin the pieces you want and wait for them to be reduced. Something I have found is that when waiting for the sale I’ll often go off the clothing. A piece I’d wanted for months I suddenly don’t want anymore as over time I came to my senses and realised how little I actually needed it. Maybe this ruins some of the thrill of fashion but I think looking at an item of clothing you were so desperate for everyday until you go off it feels strangely good for the soul – resisting temptation is rewarding.

Dark T-shirts

Every summer I find myself wearing and then never wearing again – dark t-shirts, namely black or dark grey. There is something, to me, slightly off about wearing dark colours in the summer. I do tan but I have pale complexion – caucasian but slightly yellow leaning. The contrast of pale skin with dark clothing in summer feels wrong in the daytime. Even this winter I found myself staying away from dark colours. In a sea of people wearing very dull, grey, dark clothing it was very refreshing to be the only person in a red coat or off-white coloured jumper and trousers. It felt very chic.

Photo by Claude Nori

Pale Colours

There are certain colours I find my complexion looks washed out against. These are often on me shades that are very similar to my skintone. This thought mainly comes from seeing a photo taken of myself wearing a light blush pink top – one of my favourite colours. The colour of the top in the photo almost looked like my skin and did nothing for me. This is a key example of buying a colour I love but it actually looks terrible as clothing. It would be better suited as just a cushion in my house rather than worn. I do have a lot of pieces in this sort of colour because I cannot resist buying them. Some are slightly better colours – salmon pink for example is less grey and a bit warmer on me. The best way to wear these pieces would be layering white beneath because the brightness of the white is more flattering against my skin. Other colours I would avoid are nudes, oatmeal, very light blue and yellow.

Inside and Outside Clothing

So many times I have loved a piece of clothing so much that I will wear it about the house and it gets ruined to the extent that I can’t wear it outside. I realised recently I should have separate clothing for the home. I was never a person to wear tracksuits and sweatpants inside because they made me feel sloppy. I’ve come to realise that actually I don’t want to sit around the house in a pair of uncomfortable jeans and a top that I’m worried about getting dirty from household tasks. Now I have specific clothing for indoors that are still smart enough. I like sweatshirt material because it doesn’t pile too much. Jumpers that I’ve ruined indoors have all piled from overuse and it feels like such a waste to have to throw them away. I have a fabric shaver but there is a point where they cannot be saved.

Bag Rotation

I’m all for a minimalistic way of living but it feels a shame to just have one handbag. I was thinking about this recently when trying to curb a desire for a designer handbag. Sometimes I’ll justify it thinking how I’d use it everyday and I wouldn’t need another bag. The thing is one bag is never suitable for all outfits and occasions. For example I don’t want to cart around a black bag in summer. I realised recently I was using one bag for months on end when really I could be switching it up for lots of different styles. Especially in winter and coat weather, a bag is the key accessory because all other clothing is covered. Fashion should be fun and having lots of different styles, so long as they are considered purchases, adds so much to an outfit.

iwane école540_petit_0.jpg
Photo by Claude Nori


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