Boots Seventeen Makeup Haul – Closing Sale – First Impressions

Hearing that Seventeen – Boots teenage makeup line – was rebranding, I headed to buy a lot of what they were selling off. I didn’t expect to get so much but when the prices were all around £1.50 each I couldn’t resist. Most products didn’t have any testers so I was blindly buying hoping for the best. Here’s what I bought and my first impressions.


All Out Pout – Fancy Free – £7.99 now £2.39
There was a small image on the package and I chose the pinks over the other orangey red set. The mini lip brush it comes with is quite decent. I’ve not had a lip palette before so I liked the idea of being able to mix various shades. Testing it I can see the colours are quite sheer, almost balmy and glossy in texture. There is no scent or taste which is great. I think I probably won’t use this much but it would be good for a comfortable lip look.

Stay Pout – It’s Complicated – £4.99 now £1.49
I initially liked the colour on the bottom of this lipstick but opening it I realised it was frosted. It reminds me of a 80s 90s Barbie lipstick and I doubt I would wear it as intended. I feel like I could repurpose it as an eyeshadow or blush. The formula seems very nice though, very comfortable and unscented. It has quite a stain when removing.

Stay Pout – It’s A Kiss Off – £4.99 now £1.49
This shade is better but still has some of the frostiness. It could work well for that metallic lip trend I’ve seen around. If you dab off most of the colour it looks quite wearble. Again quite a strong stain is left behind.

Mirror Shine – Belle – £4.99 now £1.49
They had a very used tester of this shade so I knew I would like the colour – a browny nude. I didn’t realise it was a balm, so essentially it is just a slightly tinted lipgloss. It’s not sticky though. I don’t usually wear this type of thing but with a lipliner I think I could make it work. The lipstick also contains a handy pull out mirror.


Easy On The Eye – The Big Smoke – £7.99 now £2.39
I’ve been looking for a lilac eyeshadow for some time and saw this set had one. They are not very pigmented but I think if you used a wet brush the colours could really look nice. The colours are a mix of shimmer and matte. Four of the shades are actually balmy so could be used for a wet look eye, inner corner highlight or even as cheek highlight. It comes with a fairly good brush.

Define & Conquer Contour Kit – £5.99 now £1.79
The brown shade is a really nice tone. I’ve only swatched this so far so I can’t say if it suits my complexion. It’s a decent size and the lighter shade would be good for setting as I don’t think it is light enough to actually brighten my skin.

Skin Wow! Tan Liquid Glow – £5.99 now £1.79
I’ve been interested in these bronze glowy products for some time, ones you can mix with foundation or use as a base product. This caught my eye immediately. Testing on my hand it looks really good and just shimmery rather than glittery.

Skin Wow! Concealer – Medium – £4.99 now £1.49
This I didn’t really need but I’d not tried any concealer that really mimicked the YSL Touche Éclat. I’m actually quite impressed on my first try, the colour is just right and it blends well.

Instant Glow Cream Bronzer – It’s Glow Time – £4.99 now £1.49
I’m quite excited about this product. It was fairly cheap to begin with but the colour seems very summery. I would say it leans slightly yellow in tone. The consistency is very creamy, more so than the one I currently use which is a plus as I think it will drag less when applying on top of makeup.

Miracle Matte Pressed Powder – Natural Fair – £3.99 now £1.19
I bought this powder mainly because I actually needed some. The colour looks to be a good match and it should do the job. I forgot that I had a similar powder in the contour palette but for the price I’m not complaining.


Do you think you will buy anything in the clearance and what products do you love that Seventeen sold? Let me know if you want anymore information about the products in the comment section below.


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