What I’d like to buy this month . .

2298102802_2_1_1.jpg  2298102802_6_1_1.jpg

Zara | Silver Sequinned Sweater £29.99

NM321A04P-Q11@16.jpg  NM321A04P-Q11@18.jpg

Noisy May | Polkadot Jumpsuit £35.99

0839214800_2_5_1.jpg  0839214800_6_1_1.jpg

Zara | Black Jewel T Shirt £17.99

WEB21T000-Q11@10.jpg  WEB21T000-Q11@12.jpg

Weekday | Black Jumpsuit £59.99

11028828_99-99999999_01.jpg  11028828_99_B.jpg

Mango | Check Cotton Trousers £35.99

hmgoepprod-3.jpg  hmgoepprod-2.jpg

H&M | Black Sweatshirt £19.99

TS16K16MSTN_Zoom_M_1.jpg  TS16K16MSTN_Zoom_F_1.jpg

Topshop | Khaki Utility Trousers £39.00

13093758_99-99999999_01.jpg  13093758_99_B.jpg

Mango | Check Wrap Dress £39.99

RK021C028-C11@12.jpg  RK021C028-C11@14.jpg

Sparkz | Charcoal Maxi Dress £47.99


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