F/W T R E N D S pt 2

Fall-Winter 2017 trends


_ARC0257.jpg  KIM_0655.jpg

As seen at: Altuzarra – Fendi
On the highstreet: Topshop – Zara

TS35B43MWNE_Zoom_M_1  5536101600_2_4_1.jpg

White Boots

010_MON0136.jpg  _ARC0553.jpg

As seen at: Celine – Stella McCartney
On the highstreet: Topshop – Zara

TS32M33MWHT_Zoom_M_1.jpg  7142201001_2_3_1.jpg


_MON0304.jpg  _ARC0032.jpg

As seen at: Marc Jacobs – Prada
On the highstreet: Uniqlo – Zara

goods_403586_sub3.jpg  7901259703_2_3_1.jpg

Statement Knitwear

_ARC0198.jpg  _ARC0552.jpg

As seen at: Louis Vuitton – Versace
On the highstreet: Zara – Topshop

2488109400_2_1_1.jpg  TS25U66NWHT_Zoom_M_5.jpg

Sock Boots

_MON0461.jpg  _ARC0253.jpg

As seen at: Balenciaga
On the highstreet: Mango – H&M

5cfab1bef3e555c31c503bae06d72c70.jpg  futur-gemusterte-stiefeletten.jpg

Baker Boy Hats

_ARC0061.jpg  _MON0021.jpg

As seen at: Miu Miu – Prada
On the highstreet: ASOS -Topshop

1017964-Black-c8c794fb-.jpg  TS19K03MNAV_Zoom_M_1.jpg


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