These are the collections that stood out to me at Paris Fashion Week. I noticed lots of bigger sequins used and again sheer coloured layers. I enjoyed the new creative director at Chloé’s first collection and of course Louis Vuitton which is most often my favourite show. What were your overall Fashion Week highlights?

Louis Vuitton

Full sleeved shirts, some under brocade waistcoats. Ruffle trousers with 80s inspired sneakers. Bags shaped like game consoles. Silk boxer shorts, chains, patent leather.

KIM_0719_20171003215123.jpg  KIM_0503_20171003215107.jpgKIM_0469_20171003214920.jpg  KIM_0217_20171003214953.jpgKIM_0735_20171003215115.jpg  KIM_0875_20171003215109.jpg


Mermaid-like round sequins over dresses and parkas. Outdoor coats with pockets in pastel and plastic.

_VAL0247.jpg  _VAL0645.jpg_VAL0621.jpg  _VAL0767.jpg


Buckled boots and short, light dresses. Sequins and python.

KIM_0845.jpg  KIM_0859.jpgKIM_0911.jpg  KIM_0025.jpg


Long loose trousers, loafers and slouchy boots with tassels that touched the floor. Coats so long they were pinned up with buttons.

_MON0161.jpg  _MON0661.jpg

Paco Rabanne

Satin, high-shine metallics and shimmering fabrics.

_PAC0013.jpg  _PAC0045.jpg_PAC0063.jpg  _PAC0103.jpg


Long white boots and detachable sleeves. Puffed, structured arms and gathering.

04-ellery-ss18.jpg  35-ellery-ss18.jpg20-ellery-ss18.jpg  13-ellery-ss18.jpg


Plastic boots, hats and raincoats. Collared shirts, multicoloured tweed, wide-shouldered boxy jackets.

_CHA0321.jpg  _CHA0673.jpg

Sonia Rykiel

Tiered party dresses and pale gingham. Relaxed and modern evening wear.

EJ_0037.jpg  EJ_0007.jpgEJ_0052.jpg  EJ_0016.jpg


Aubergine, brown and blue hues. Clothes with movement. Large jackets and coats, belted and gathered.

_LLL0787.jpg  _LLL0800.jpg


Tapestry dresses and liberty-like florals. Tassels, stripe and checkered panels.

_LOE0021.jpg  _LOE0095.jpg_LOE0491.jpg  _LOE0327.jpg_LOE0081.jpg  _LOE0249.jpg_LOE0577.jpg  _LOE0481.jpg

Dries Van Noten

Wallpaper brocade prints on boots and coats. Sheer layers with beading over skirts, jackets and tops. Semi-transparent shirts adding to a multi-patterned look.

KIM_0279.jpg  KIM_0651.jpgKIM_0717.jpg  KIM_0421.jpg

Maison Margiela

Tulle and feather edged trench coats. Raw, cut hems. Deconstructed jackets and dresses.

KIM_0211.jpg  KIM_0381.jpg

Miu Miu

Two-toned hosiery with sandals, loafers and laced flats. Curved shoulder coats worn with headbands. Embroidered layering dresses.

_MON0671.jpg  _MON0603.jpg_MON0311.jpg  _MON0687.jpg_MON0795.jpg  _MON0405.jpg

Alexander McQueen

Deconstructed trench coats revealing satin floral fabrics and ruffles. Tailored leather dresses with stud detail. Wet-look hair with decadent chokers.

KIM_0119.jpg  KIM_0045.jpgKIM_0145.jpg  KIM_0587.jpg


Magenta, florals and Princess dressing.

_LLL4445.jpg  _LLL4533.jpg

Altuzarra, Junya Watanabe, Haider Ackermann, Sacai, Isabel Marant, Ann Demeulemeester

KIM_0055.jpg  _JUN0928.jpgKIM_0428.jpg  KIM_0405.jpg_ISA0305_20170928231849.jpg  KIM_0009.jpg


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