A few favourite looks from Milan.


Comic book illustrations and drawn reflections on coats. Oversize brocade dresses worn on top of outfits. Wide lapels, boxy short sleeve shirts and high socks.

_MON0707.jpg  _MON0747.jpg


Coloured fur on dressing gown style coats. Bead and pearl embroidery on semitransparent dresses, others big and loose.

KIM_0661.jpg  KIM_0645.jpgKIM_0541.jpg  KIM_0583.jpgKIM_0697.jpg  KIM_0817.jpg

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Wide sailor collars on shirts and light dresses. Structured denim overalls and boiler suits. Pleating, neck scarves, glitter mini dresses with spotted black lace sleeves.

KIM_0447.jpg  KIM_0015.jpgKIM_0433.jpg  KIM_0093.jpg


Decadent lace, ruffles, sparkling details like bows and embellished loafers. Multiple necklaces worn together and velvet slippers.

_GUC0766.jpg  _GUC0446.jpg

No. 21

Cropped varsity sweaters, iridescent glimmering sequins under pink sheer layers. Nude leather raincoats worn with delicate feathered detailing on cardigans and soft knitted jumpers.

_ARC0019.jpg  _ARC0120.jpg_ARC0237.jpg  _ARC0344.jpg


Looks from the past and a supermodel ending. Pastel blue and pink branded t-shirts. Opulent scarf prints on leggings and mini dresses.

_VER0177.jpg  _VER0650.jpg

Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Missoni, Max Mara, Jil Sander, Dolce & Gabbana

KIM_0739.jpg  KIM_0107.jpg_LLL0043.jpg  KIM_0377.jpgKIM_0513.jpg  _DOL0059.jpg



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