S/S 2018 Trend Predictions

I thought it could be fun to try and forecast upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2018 and then see if they come true. What are your predictions?


_ARC0305.jpg  _ARC0907.jpgBalenciaga – Altuzarra

Oversize Dresses

_LLL2018.jpg  _MON0603.jpg

Marni – Miu Miu

_MON0077.jpg  _ARC0298.jpg

Prada – Rochas


_ARC0124.jpg  _ARC0205.jpg

Bottega Veneta – Erdem

_ARC0575.jpg  _LLL0787.jpg

Dries Van Noten – Lemaire

_MON0575.jpg  _LLL8679.jpg

Proenza Schouler – Sies Marjan

30-The-Row-SS-18.jpg  _ARC0054.jpg

The Row – Tom Ford

_VER0625.jpg  _ARC0368.jpg

Versace – Victoria Beckham

KIM_2281.jpg  KIM_0487.jpg

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi – Max Mara

Illustrated Knitwear

_LLL0563.jpg _ARC1762.jpg

Missoni – Prada

Outdoor Coats

_ARC0374.jpg  _KLE0539.jpg

Bottega Veneta – Calvin Klein

_MON0573.jpg  _ARC0077.jpg

Celine – No. 21

KIM_0552.jpg  KIM_0057.jpg

Paul Smith – Sacai

_ARC0015.jpg  KIM_0054.jpg

Valentino – Pringle of Scotland

Bum Bags

_ARC0221.jpg  _ARC0091.jpg

Marc Jacobs – Balenciaga

_GUC0408.jpg  _ARC1631.jpg

Gucci – Prada

_ARC0240.jpg  EJ__1677.jpg

Valentino – Zimmermann

Coloured Check

_LLL2147.jpg  _LLL0427.jpg

Marni – Sacai

Duck Egg Blue

_ARC0063.jpg  _ARC0124.jpg

Acne – Fendi

_CHA0087.jpg  _LLL1899.jpg

Chanel – Margaret Howell

_ARC0579.jpg  KIM_0511.jpg

Coach 1941 – Versus Versace

_ARC0100.jpg  KIM_2189.jpg

Victoria Beckham – Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

’70s Collars

_LLL0881.jpg  _ARC0609.jpg

Lemaire – Acne

_LLL1254.jpg  _ARC0084.jpg

Margaret Howell – Victoria Beckham

Big Earrings

_ARC0876.jpg  _ARC0017.jpg

Balenciaga – Erdem

_ARC0394.jpg  _LLL2077.jpg

Dolce & Gabbana – Marni

_ARC0811.jpg  _LLL3771.jpg

Saint Laurent – Simone Rocha


_ARC1669.jpg  _ARC0667.jpg

Prada – Louis Vuitton


_ARC0340.jpg  _ARC0511.jpg

Christain Dior – Fendi

_KLE1002.jpg  _ARC0226.jpg

Calvin Klein – No. 21

KIM_0237.jpg  _ARC0064.jpg

Rodarte – Victoria Beckham


_ARC0421.jpg  _ARC1174.jpg

Loewe – Altuzarra


_ARC0138.jpg  _ARC0442.jpg

Chanel – Fendi

_ARC0181.jpg  _LLL3797.jpg

Valentino – Simone Rocha

Tassles and Fringe

_ARC0317.jpg  _MON0063.jpg

Loewe – Celine

_KLE0229.jpg  _ROK0113.jpg

Calvin Klein – Roksanda

_ARC1244.jpg  _ARC0046.jpg

Saint Laurent – Stella McCartney


_ARC0055.jpg  _ARC0506.jpg

Chloe – Louis Vuitton

_STE1380.jpg  _ARC1230.jpg

Stella McCartney – Altuzarra

Coloured Socks

_ARC0829.jpg  KIM_2453.jpg

Miu Miu – Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Big Sleeves

_ARC0023.jpg  _MON0755.jpg

Chloe – Balenciaga

_ROK0219.jpg  KIM_0469.jpg

Roksanda – Louis Vuitton


_ARC0418.jpg  _LLL3673.jpg

Chloe – Simone Rocha

_ARC0154.jpg  _ARC0365.jpg

Valentino – Tom Ford

_ARC0190.jpg  _ARC0565.jpg

Coach 1941 – Louis Vuitton


_KLE0023.jpg  _ARC0344.jpg

Calvin Klein – No. 21

_ARC0093.jpg  _ARC0283.jpg

Coach 1941 – Marc Jacobs

White Plimsols

03-The-Row-SS-18.jpg  EJ__0947.jpg

The Row – Zimmermann


S T Y L I N G 1

Styling ideas for this autumn.

b0669eba0f9e15f74850ad8ec8a12144.jpgPatent black coat with sheer embellished skirt. (via)

08-day-3-seoul-fashion-week.jpg5f89d10732790c8d759ba7bb096f6440.jpgWide trousers, bowl haircuts. Pink and red. (via)

street_style_paris_fashion_week_dia_7_stella_mccartney_giambattista_valli_933570116_1200x1800.jpgAll black. (via)

street_style_paris_fashion_week_dia_1_dior_saint_laurent_799124341_1200x1800.jpgT-shirt, formal trousers and New Balance. (via)

street_style_milan_fashion_week_fendi_prada_131616512_800x.jpgCropped cords, buckled boots. (via)


F/W T R E N D S pt 2

Fall-Winter 2017 trends


_ARC0257.jpg  KIM_0655.jpg

As seen at: Altuzarra – Fendi
On the highstreet: Topshop – Zara

TS35B43MWNE_Zoom_M_1  5536101600_2_4_1.jpg

White Boots

010_MON0136.jpg  _ARC0553.jpg

As seen at: Celine – Stella McCartney
On the highstreet: Topshop – Zara

TS32M33MWHT_Zoom_M_1.jpg  7142201001_2_3_1.jpg


_MON0304.jpg  _ARC0032.jpg

As seen at: Marc Jacobs – Prada
On the highstreet: Uniqlo – Zara

goods_403586_sub3.jpg  7901259703_2_3_1.jpg

Statement Knitwear

_ARC0198.jpg  _ARC0552.jpg

As seen at: Louis Vuitton – Versace
On the highstreet: Zara – Topshop

2488109400_2_1_1.jpg  TS25U66NWHT_Zoom_M_5.jpg

Sock Boots

_MON0461.jpg  _ARC0253.jpg

As seen at: Balenciaga
On the highstreet: Mango – H&M

5cfab1bef3e555c31c503bae06d72c70.jpg  futur-gemusterte-stiefeletten.jpg

Baker Boy Hats

_ARC0061.jpg  _MON0021.jpg

As seen at: Miu Miu – Prada
On the highstreet: ASOS -Topshop

1017964-Black-c8c794fb-.jpg  TS19K03MNAV_Zoom_M_1.jpg

F/W T R E N D S pt 1

Fall – Winter 2017 trends

Check Blazer

_UMB1175.jpg  _MON0103.jpg

As seen at: Stella McCartney – Balenciaga
On the highstreet: H&M – Zara

hmgoepprod.jpg  7859630700_2_6_1.jpg

Coloured Fluffy Coats and Accessories

_MON0607.jpg  _ARC0227.jpg

As seen at: Miu Miu – Prada
On the highstreet: Topshop – H&M

TS07U08MDPK_Zoom_M_1.jpg  hmprod.jpg


_DIO0761.jpg  _ARC0225.jpg

As seen at: Christian Dior
On the highstreet: Topshop – Zara

TS19H13MBLK_Zoom_M_1.jpg  3920244800_2_5_1.jpg

Heavy Boots

_ARC0492.jpg  _ARC0010.jpg

As seen at: Louis Vuitton – Altuzarra
On the highstreet: Topshop – Zara

TS42B28MBLK_Zoom_M_1.jpg  6132201040_2_32_1.jpg

Large Bags

021_MON0206.jpg  _ARC0721.jpg

As seen at: Céline – Balenciaga
On the highstreet: COS – Zara

0326073004_32_6.jpg  8000204131_2_20_1.jpg


These are the collections that stood out to me at Paris Fashion Week. I noticed lots of bigger sequins used and again sheer coloured layers. I enjoyed the new creative director at Chloé’s first collection and of course Louis Vuitton which is most often my favourite show. What were your overall Fashion Week highlights?

Louis Vuitton

Full sleeved shirts, some under brocade waistcoats. Ruffle trousers with 80s inspired sneakers. Bags shaped like game consoles. Silk boxer shorts, chains, patent leather.

KIM_0719_20171003215123.jpg  KIM_0503_20171003215107.jpgKIM_0469_20171003214920.jpg  KIM_0217_20171003214953.jpgKIM_0735_20171003215115.jpg  KIM_0875_20171003215109.jpg


Mermaid-like round sequins over dresses and parkas. Outdoor coats with pockets in pastel and plastic.

_VAL0247.jpg  _VAL0645.jpg_VAL0621.jpg  _VAL0767.jpg


Buckled boots and short, light dresses. Sequins and python.

KIM_0845.jpg  KIM_0859.jpgKIM_0911.jpg  KIM_0025.jpg


Long loose trousers, loafers and slouchy boots with tassels that touched the floor. Coats so long they were pinned up with buttons.

_MON0161.jpg  _MON0661.jpg

Paco Rabanne

Satin, high-shine metallics and shimmering fabrics.

_PAC0013.jpg  _PAC0045.jpg_PAC0063.jpg  _PAC0103.jpg


Long white boots and detachable sleeves. Puffed, structured arms and gathering.

04-ellery-ss18.jpg  35-ellery-ss18.jpg20-ellery-ss18.jpg  13-ellery-ss18.jpg


Plastic boots, hats and raincoats. Collared shirts, multicoloured tweed, wide-shouldered boxy jackets.

_CHA0321.jpg  _CHA0673.jpg

Sonia Rykiel

Tiered party dresses and pale gingham. Relaxed and modern evening wear.

EJ_0037.jpg  EJ_0007.jpgEJ_0052.jpg  EJ_0016.jpg


Aubergine, brown and blue hues. Clothes with movement. Large jackets and coats, belted and gathered.

_LLL0787.jpg  _LLL0800.jpg


Tapestry dresses and liberty-like florals. Tassels, stripe and checkered panels.

_LOE0021.jpg  _LOE0095.jpg_LOE0491.jpg  _LOE0327.jpg_LOE0081.jpg  _LOE0249.jpg_LOE0577.jpg  _LOE0481.jpg

Dries Van Noten

Wallpaper brocade prints on boots and coats. Sheer layers with beading over skirts, jackets and tops. Semi-transparent shirts adding to a multi-patterned look.

KIM_0279.jpg  KIM_0651.jpgKIM_0717.jpg  KIM_0421.jpg

Maison Margiela

Tulle and feather edged trench coats. Raw, cut hems. Deconstructed jackets and dresses.

KIM_0211.jpg  KIM_0381.jpg

Miu Miu

Two-toned hosiery with sandals, loafers and laced flats. Curved shoulder coats worn with headbands. Embroidered layering dresses.

_MON0671.jpg  _MON0603.jpg_MON0311.jpg  _MON0687.jpg_MON0795.jpg  _MON0405.jpg

Alexander McQueen

Deconstructed trench coats revealing satin floral fabrics and ruffles. Tailored leather dresses with stud detail. Wet-look hair with decadent chokers.

KIM_0119.jpg  KIM_0045.jpgKIM_0145.jpg  KIM_0587.jpg


Magenta, florals and Princess dressing.

_LLL4445.jpg  _LLL4533.jpg

Altuzarra, Junya Watanabe, Haider Ackermann, Sacai, Isabel Marant, Ann Demeulemeester

KIM_0055.jpg  _JUN0928.jpgKIM_0428.jpg  KIM_0405.jpg_ISA0305_20170928231849.jpg  KIM_0009.jpg


A few favourite looks from Milan.


Comic book illustrations and drawn reflections on coats. Oversize brocade dresses worn on top of outfits. Wide lapels, boxy short sleeve shirts and high socks.

_MON0707.jpg  _MON0747.jpg


Coloured fur on dressing gown style coats. Bead and pearl embroidery on semitransparent dresses, others big and loose.

KIM_0661.jpg  KIM_0645.jpgKIM_0541.jpg  KIM_0583.jpgKIM_0697.jpg  KIM_0817.jpg

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Wide sailor collars on shirts and light dresses. Structured denim overalls and boiler suits. Pleating, neck scarves, glitter mini dresses with spotted black lace sleeves.

KIM_0447.jpg  KIM_0015.jpgKIM_0433.jpg  KIM_0093.jpg


Decadent lace, ruffles, sparkling details like bows and embellished loafers. Multiple necklaces worn together and velvet slippers.

_GUC0766.jpg  _GUC0446.jpg

No. 21

Cropped varsity sweaters, iridescent glimmering sequins under pink sheer layers. Nude leather raincoats worn with delicate feathered detailing on cardigans and soft knitted jumpers.

_ARC0019.jpg  _ARC0120.jpg_ARC0237.jpg  _ARC0344.jpg


Looks from the past and a supermodel ending. Pastel blue and pink branded t-shirts. Opulent scarf prints on leggings and mini dresses.

_VER0177.jpg  _VER0650.jpg

Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Missoni, Max Mara, Jil Sander, Dolce & Gabbana

KIM_0739.jpg  KIM_0107.jpg_LLL0043.jpg  KIM_0377.jpgKIM_0513.jpg  _DOL0059.jpg